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Flowin' Like H2Oin'
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Saturday, August 27th, 2005
12:17 am
i hope it's no queer
or someone drunk on beer
let's get into gear
or i'll kick your rear
(been so long since a post - almost a year!)
Monday, September 13th, 2004
10:19 pm

Wuzz up everybody whats goin on tonight?
I'm sittin here chillin, every thing is alright.

I noticed this community is kinda dead, whats with that?
that just seems pretty wack.

Is it coz no one can flow like H20
It just makes me want to be apart of this communtiy no mo'.

Where's your wicked skills, come on splitz out your rhyme
dont give meeh any stupid exuses that you got no time.

Current Mood: cynical
Wednesday, May 26th, 2004
3:31 pm
anyone who makes a nice layout for this community gets a hug and a cookie.
Tuesday, May 25th, 2004
8:12 pm
Pointless long log
TalkFastLiveSlow: IT'S A CURSE!
ASC11 M4N: we are cursed to rhyme for all time
ASC11 M4N: i'm a mime, spare a dime?
ASC11 M4N: ...
TalkFastLiveSlow: lmfao
TalkFastLiveSlow: not for your...
TalkFastLiveSlow: ...
TalkFastLiveSlow: blah-ime!
ASC11 M4N: well, it's about time that you learn to rhyme
ASC11 M4N: or else you will be a mime for all time
TalkFastLiveSlow: me?!
TalkFastLiveSlow: rhyme?!
TalkFastLiveSlow: well it is not worth my time!
ASC11 M4N: wash off that grime
ASC11 M4N: or else you can't have my lucky dime
TalkFastLiveSlow: i want a lime
TalkFastLiveSlow: a green lime!
TalkFastLiveSlow: and on the side, a pinch of thyme
ASC11 M4N: your thyme isn't worth slime
TalkFastLiveSlow: ...
ASC11 M4N: (i know, genius)
TalkFastLiveSlow: thyme is the ONLY reason to rhyme!
TalkFastLiveSlow: you slime!
TalkFastLiveSlow: ..
ASC11 M4N: to call me a slime is a federal crime!
TalkFastLiveSlow: did you hear that clock chime?!
TalkFastLiveSlow: crime!
TalkFastLiveSlow: i have commitedcrime!
TalkFastLiveSlow: ..now i will do time
ASC11 M4N: for stealing a lime and stealing a dime
TalkFastLiveSlow: with my limes
TalkFastLiveSlow: and thyme!
ASC11 M4N: and.. killing a mime
TalkFastLiveSlow: i do not steal dimes!
ASC11 M4N: you will do time for those crimes
TalkFastLiveSlow: ...mime?!
TalkFastLiveSlow: mime?!
TalkFastLiveSlow: i didn 't kill a mime!
TalkFastLiveSlow: maybe a lime
TalkFastLiveSlow: but not a mime!
ASC11 M4N: you are covered in grime and slime, you've done your time, now give me a lime
TalkFastLiveSlow: MY LIME!
TalkFastLiveSlow: you ignorant mime!
TalkFastLiveSlow: my lime my lime my lime!
TalkFastLiveSlow: go do your time!
TalkFastLiveSlow: for trying to steal my precious lime!
TalkFastLiveSlow: go mr i'm-such-a-cool-mime!
TalkFastLiveSlow: =P
ASC11 M4N: (oh crap..)
ASC11 M4N: (can't think of anything new)
ASC11 M4N: (umumum)
TalkFastLiveSlow: (ahaha)
ASC11 M4N: i do not want your lime, i want your dime so i can buy some slime
TalkFastLiveSlow: (we are only safe in our parenthesis)
TalkFastLiveSlow: slime?!?!
ASC11 M4N: (and even there...)
TalkFastLiveSlow: SLIME?!?!
TalkFastLiveSlow: you...grime!
ASC11 M4N: at least i did not commit a crime
TalkFastLiveSlow: ..yes you did, you stole myu lime!
ASC11 M4N: all i wanted was a dime!
ASC11 M4N: but then i hit that mime
ASC11 M4N: too hard, and that's a crime
TalkFastLiveSlow: (lmao)
ASC11 M4N: (i wonder if there's a website that gives you a list of rhyming words)
ASC11 M4N: (we could have fun with that. maybe an lj community based on it. =P)
TalkFastLiveSlow: (i have a rhyming dictionary in my room for when i was going through my song-writing phase)
TalkFastLiveSlow: (haha, that would be awesome!)
ASC11 M4N: (lemme check)
TalkFastLiveSlow: (okay)
ASC11 M4N: (http://www.rhymezone.com/)
TalkFastLiveSlow: (ooo..)
ASC11 M4N: (ooh!)
TalkFastLiveSlow: (this could be d angerous..)
TalkFastLiveSlow: (wow!!)
ASC11 M4N: and my favorite number is prime, and i like this rhyme because i ate a lime while killing a mime. you're covered in grime and slime, and now i will climb this time into the garden of thyme.
ASC11 M4N: (i win)
ASC11 M4N: (this is awesome)
TalkFastLiveSlow: (CHEATER!)
TalkFastLiveSlow: well unlike you, i'm anticrime
TalkFastLiveSlow: i eat limes one at a time
TalkFastLiveSlow: my watch is on standard time
ASC11 M4N: but now it is prime time
TalkFastLiveSlow: i dont eat burnt limes
ASC11 M4N: i do eat burnt limes, for they go well with thyme
TalkFastLiveSlow: i want to climb
TalkFastLiveSlow: a mountain of limes
TalkFastLiveSlow: with thyme
ASC11 M4N: you should bring a mime
TalkFastLiveSlow: just in time
ASC11 M4N: he likes to climb
TalkFastLiveSlow: climb?
TalkFastLiveSlow: up limes?
ASC11 M4N: all of the time.
TalkFastLiveSlow: just in time for our nursery rhymes?!
ASC11 M4N: only for a dime...
ASC11 M4N: do you have a dime? if not then i will cover you in slime
ASC11 M4N: like nickelodeon, that channel for mimes
TalkFastLiveSlow: ..i have some free time
TalkFastLiveSlow: i will trade yo utaht for slime
ASC11 M4N: thyme for slime; is that prime?
TalkFastLiveSlow: thati s prime
TalkFastLiveSlow: says the mime
ASC11 M4N: all the time.
TalkFastLiveSlow: from Mt. Lime
ASC11 M4N: hey, mr. mime, do you have a chime?
ASC11 M4N: 'twould be sublime if you played the chimes
TalkFastLiveSlow: i have chimes like i have limes!
TalkFastLiveSlow: chimes
ASC11 M4N: dimes
TalkFastLiveSlow: are yummier than limes!
TalkFastLiveSlow: dimes?!?!
ASC11 M4N: are worth more than mimes
ASC11 M4N: !
ASC11 M4N: dimes!!!
TalkFastLiveSlow: dont waste my time!
TalkFastLiveSlow: my partner in crime
ASC11 M4N: i'm prime for some time
TalkFastLiveSlow: ;-P
ASC11 M4N: partner in crime!?!?!
TalkFastLiveSlow: partner in crime!
TalkFastLiveSlow: and not for the first time
ASC11 M4N: only if you climb the mountain of thyme and limes for the bag of dimes and chimes
TalkFastLiveSlow: what about slime?!
TalkFastLiveSlow: we need slime for this alleged crime!
ASC11 M4N: the mountain of dimes is covered in slime...
TalkFastLiveSlow: them we will continue this vistimless crime!
ASC11 M4N: this crime is sublime, but i need a mime to commit my crime
ASC11 M4N: and a lime and some thyme
ASC11 M4N: and do not forget the chime
TalkFastLiveSlow: i AM a mime!
TalkFastLiveSlow: chimes are just prime
ASC11 M4N: mime!?!?!?
TalkFastLiveSlow: but how will we climb?!
ASC11 M4N: i thought you were my partner in crime!
TalkFastLiveSlow: we need some....thyme!
ASC11 M4N: but we're almost out of time.

Current Mood: crazy
Monday, May 24th, 2004
6:05 pm
the classic that started it all.. im original gansgta!!!!!!!!!!

yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo..............YO! my name is to
and i got flows like h20---ohhhhhhhhhhh
yea ima spit fire until u dont want it no mo'
yeayeayea i'll do your mom like a hoe
you bitch ass hoe
she'll do anything just for some dough.. :(
and u aint neva never know cus u too damn slow
and my posse will be like "oh fo sho, to got flows like h2o"
*background rapping like ice ice baby of h20 x10

the end

i won
Sunday, May 23rd, 2004
12:21 pm
yeah, but andy
also likes candy
it makes him randy
because it's grand-y
and dandy
drinks brandy
eats candy

... use italics fools

and I know i totally lack talent, so stfu.


use that one until... um, tomorrow or something.

Current Mood: cuh-razzzey
Saturday, May 22nd, 2004
5:15 pm
andy you come in handy because you taste like candy..............
and that is pretty dandy
1:45 pm

This group is all about writing poetry.

This poetry doesn't have to be any good.

(not home yet so you'll just have to wait for a non-madeuponthespot example)

Anyway, there is no prerequisite for membership, aside from a short introduction, why this interests you, and a desire to make really bizarre rhyming schemes. Not required, but it'd be appreciated if you introduced at least one other person to this.

Welcome to the Rhyming Club
It has the atmosphere of a pub
All fun and games, a poetic hub
So join this community on the doub!

(I'm amazing, I know)


Current Mood: creative
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